Creative Undercut Designs

Undercuts, fades & hair tattoos aren't anything new. Shaved & disconnected hairstyles first became popular for men in the 1800's during the Edwardian era. The shaved look was revived in the 1980s, predominately by African-American and punk-rock communities.

Modern hair trends for women are embracing an “anything goes” philosophy and shaved hairstyles for women are one of the biggest style trends. For women who were never into long locks, the shaved hair trend is allowing more freedom for playing around, while even die-hard lovers of insanely long manes are trying nape cuts, side-shaved & hair tattoo styles to update their look.

Whether you’ve been inspired by buzz cut babes like Amber Rose or the side shaved hair styles made popular by women like Kelly Osbourne and Scarlett Johansson, you’ll be reaching for the clippers after checking out the How to Create a Hair Tattoo video below.

Amber Rose  with full-head design

Amber Rose with full-head design

Rihanna  with side shave

Rihanna with side shave

Scarlett Johansson  with side shave

Scarlett Johansson with side shave

Hair tattoos have certainly made a comeback across the globe with new innovative designs popping up on Instagram regularly.

Hidden Hair Tattoos

Barbers and hairdressers design and etch designs in the under layers of the clients’ hair, either in the nape or side sections of the head. The result is a deceivingly natural style when the hair is worn down, but the magic really happens when the client wears their hair in braids, top knot or other fun styles.

Undercut or nape designs are especially great for those with thick, short hair in a colour that contrasts that of the skin so the deisgns looks more prominent.

A hidden hair tattoo or nape shave is also extremely cooling & comfortable!

Another Instagram-worthy take on the style are glitter hair tattoos, where the shapes are painted with vibrant, multi-colored shimmer.This embellished version is often paired with rainbow-hued hair, taking an already mesmerizing look to the next level.

Not only are there many fabulous style possibilities for both men and women, hair tattoos provide a creative outlet for those with artistic flair, without the commitment of a real tattoo.  

Keep in mind that while someone with bob-length hair can grow out an undercut in a few months, for someone with longer hair, the style is more of a commitment.


Follow these simple steps to create a multi-dimensional hair tattoo.

Keep in mind free-hand etching is involved, so a little artistic flair can go a long way. We suggest practising your designs on paper first.

** Please note the FX780 trimmer used in this video has been updated to the BAB790A


About Dennis Joseph:

Dennis Joseph is a passionate BaBylissPRO "clipper ninja" who uses his carpentry background to break down a blueprint for building haircuts and hair tattoos. As a clipper specialist, Dennis offers the latest in haircut trends and hair tattoos

He has shared his unique perspective and cutting techniques in over 500 cities in more than 15 different countries on 5 different continents, including New York, LA, Italy, London, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa to name a few.




BaByliss PRO caters to the needs for all barber cuts and hair tattoos. 

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